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Pastor Rob Cobb

Pastor Rob Cobb
Pastor of Administration

I was born into a "Christian" family and attended church from my earliest memory. I can still remember the day that I made that first decision to ask our Lord Jesus Christ into my heart. I was seven years old and it was in the parking lot at a little Baptist church in Vancouver, WA. I had decided to follow Jesus, but to what degree I did not know.

I grew up in the Baptist church and attended all of the activities. I was involved in choir from the fourth grade until my senior year in high school. My freshman year in college I was coordinating the youth mid-week study. Even through all of the involvement in the church, I don't believe now that I was there for the right reasons. I can look back now and say that it was more of a social event for me. I was there because church was the thing to do on Sundays and my friends were all there on the other nights. Even though it seemed that way, I thank my parents for raising me up in that atmosphere because it has brought me to where I am now.

It wasn't until I moved to San Diego and was on my own that I realized how important God really is. I started to go to different churches and the one that really made an impression on me was Horizon. It wasn't until then that I started to grow closer to Him.

It is amazing how God works in your life. I got involved in this ministry because God brought my lovely wife Janet, who happens to be Pastor Leo's only daughter, into my life in 1994 while attending Horizon. God has allowed me to see His work from the beginning, from an outside perspective. I did not get directly involved until about a year later. From that point on God has been molding and shaping me for what He wanted to accomplish in my life. Little did my parents or I know that He would use me in this way.

I thank the Lord every day for His amazing grace and His continual stretching that brings forth growth. God has strongly put John 15:5 upon my heart what is true "for without Me you can do nothing."