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90 Day Challenge



The most important aspects of being a Christian is to pray and read scripture. It is by actively participating in both prayer and reading that you come to have an intimate relationship with God! We should always remember to be as diligent in cultivating our relationship with God as we are with those around us! So join us on our 90-Day Challenge of reading your Bible for an hour a day!


Why Read Your Bible?

If you have listened to any number of Pastor Leo's sermon's you have heard him say to read your Bible! The only way to have a close relationship with God is to know His Word and that means you have to read it and hear it. Pastor Leo at the beginning of every year has the whole church start in the book of Matthew rather than Genesis. As many people can get lost and frustrated starting from the beginning and starting in the New Testament is easier to start with. Each of our Bible Reading Plans start in Matthew.

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Tools, Tips and Techniques

Helpful Tools to Have on Hand:

  • Your Bible
  • A Journal or note sheet to write down your thoughts and/or questions.
  • A Reading Plan
  • A Planner (for those things that you need to do today that pop into your mind while reading)

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Bible Versions

First, there isn't a right or a wrong version of the Bible to read. It is based on your preference! If you are interested in a more literal translation then you would want to use either an English Standard (ESV), New King James (NKJV), or New American Standard (NAB). If you are looking for something that is easier to read you might prefer the New International (NIV), New Living Translation (NLT), Contemporary English (CEV), or The Message (MSG).

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