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Special Welcome Message from Pastor Frank!

Pastor Frank Giovinetti and Family


Paula Giovinetti, Pastor Leo's daughter-in-law, oversees the Family Ministry
team. The Family Ministry team has a passion for your children. Our team
has been given the awesome challenge and gift of ministering to God's little one's - your children!

We consider it an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to make sure your children are blessed and that they are getting as much love and encouragement that they need (just as you do) in their own walk with our Savior Jesus Christ. This is one of our main desires here in the Family Ministry - caring for your children's soul and partnering with the families to help build a strong Biblical Foundation. We believe serving the children is one of the greatest ways in which one can truly bless our God. Mark 10:16 "And He took them up in His arms and put His hands on them, and blessed them."

Your children are going to need a solid relationship with Christ, as they grow up in an increasingly godless society. As we look forward to Jesus returning soon, the Bible says that since NO MAN knows the day when that Blessed Day will happen, we should be increasingly feeding our spiritual soul. So that: 1) we are up to date on what the Bible says about the things happening around us, 2) we are not miss-lead in any way and 3) so that we can stand firm and your children can too!



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