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Prison / Jail

Our purpose is to bring hope and salvation to those incarcerated through prayer, services, letters, and visits. It is our belief and custom that men should minister to men and for women should minister to women (Titus 2). For this reason, please see the appropriate category below.



State Prison

  • Where: Centinela state prison - This facility is a ninety minute drive east. It’s a comfortable, scenic drive and we carpool for fun and fellowship.
  • When: Once a month. Saturdays or Sunday 6:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • What: A normal visit consists of a short introductory meeting, a two hour worship service, one hour lunch, and a second two hour worship service. We join the inmates for their normal services and lead another.

County Jail

  • Where: Central Jail – San Diego and the George Bailey Detention Facility - Otay Mesa
  • When: Once a month. Sunday afternoons and evenings
  • What: A normal visit consists of participating in one or more worship services. We help by handing out music for worship, playing guitar, or running the boom box. After worship we facility Bible study and fellowship.

This is a terrific opportunity to discover and minister your God given gifts by sharing the gospel, giving your personal testimony, a short message, lead worship or read a poem, or just sit quietly in the back, smile, and pray. And, after services, spend some time mingling with those who attended.

The opportunity may also arise to visit cells, AdSeg, the SHU, or the infirmary at the state prison.

In either ministry, you can move at your own pace and do only that with which you are comfortable. There is no pressure and we are always in a safe non-threatening environment.

We are also presented with opportunities for pen pal correspondence with both county jail and state prison inmates. And, of course, you can participate in the ministry by being a faithful prayer partner.



Our women’s team for the Last Colinas Women’s Detention Facility is currently full. If you are interested in developing other opportunities, please contact us. And, of course, we are always blessed to have prayer partners.

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